New ‘The Walking Dead’ Episodic Stills
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New ‘The Walking Dead’ Episodic Stills

Negan is back! New images from next The Walking Dead episode has been released, alongside the extended trailer, and we can see our most loved-hated character back.

Hostlies and Calamities airs this Sunday, February 26, on AMC.

(Watch) The Battle of Evony
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(Watch) The Battle of Evony

Menlo Park mobile gaming and Tops Games US, Inc. have released a two-minute commercial trailer in order to re-launch the mobile game “Evony: The King’s Return.”

The two-minute commercial titled The Battle of Evony features historic leaders such as George Washington (played by Aaron Eckhart), King Arthur (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Empress Wu Zetain (played by Fan BingBing). The game brings these leaders from different historical times and geographic locations together in one giant battlefield.

The YouTube video tagline says:

“George Washington. King Arthur. Empress Wu. 14 centuries. On one battlefield. Watch as these heroes rise to power on their respective continents and form an alliance, before launching their attack on the throne.”

While the extended version of the commercial (shown below) depicts a impending battle of epic proportions, it will be accompanied by a shorter, 30-second commercial during Sunday’s Super Bowl Game. Watch it:

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Jeffrey shoot commercial in Romania

Last Thursday (12) Jeffrey posted on his Instagram he was in Transylvania, but no additional information about what it was about.

On the day after, Friday, the website Romania Insider reported Jeffrey and Aaron Eckhart was shooting a commercial in Romania.

The two actors are staying at a hotel in Sibiu, central Romania, but will film the commercial in Hunedoara, reports local The shooting will take three days, with most of the scenes being filmed at the Corvinilor Castle.

The website Digi24 has posted a video with Jeffrey dressed as King Arthur, on set of the unknown commercial.

Jeffrey at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards
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Jeffrey at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Jeffrey attended last night the Golden Globes awards, and got his wife Hilarie Burton as his date. He presented the second award of the night alongside actress Priyanka Chopra.

Jeff and Hilarie did an interview at the red carpet, to ET, talking about their home life.

“It’s made him good cop at home. He gets all his bad cop stuff out of the way at work and then he comes home and he’s happy dad,” Hilarie revealed.

“I’m sweet all the time. And my kid thinks I’m cool, so that works,” Morgan added of the perks of playing Negan. “I take out the trash.”

“Dinner, babysit, everything,” Burton said. “I think that’s the key,” Morgan confessed. “The key to success with home life is to be a crazy person on TV.”

Check in our gallery the first batch of pictures.